St. Peter's Lenten Eastertide Conference Call Group Session 3 The Image of God Question

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Dear Lenten Eastertide Community,

RE:  Find the Document for March 25th The Image of God Question attached. Happy St. Patrick's Day and Irish Blessings to you! Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we need to postpone our gatherings at McShanes on Wednesdays starting Wednesday March 18th.

I will miss our lively group gatherings in-person but we can still gather on the phones.

Free Conference Call will allow us to continue to communicate without the concerns of close proximity contact.

Wednesday March 18th at 5:30 pm EST.

Call:   425- 436- 6312    Access code  130420

Be patient as conference calling in now in high demand.  If it doesn't go through or the call drops please redial and try again.

In order to avoid lots of background noise it is very helpful that we mute our phones unless we are speaking.  If you try this and it still

doesn't work please email me.

I appreciate your RSVP and feedback for our conference call opportunities.

Together in our hearts!

Irish Blessings!

Rev. Karen

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