St. Peter’s Detroit Proposal for Opening the Parish House/Social Justice Hive

St. Peter’s Detroit Proposal for Opening the Parish House/Social Justice Hive

The Social Justice Hive at St. Peter’s consists of offices of various social justice and arts organizations, specifically:

St. Peter’s Church Office – 1 person in office

Michigan Peace Team – 1 person

National Lawyers Guild – 1 person

We The People of Detroit – 5 people – not all at the same time

MannaWorks Clay Studio – 1 person

Three Lyons Creative – 4 people (all in the same family)

Geez Magazine – 4 people (3 in the same family) not all in office at the same time

Black Youth Project 100 – mainly used as a storage space – the group holds meetings on line right now

Michigan Interfaith Power and Light – 2 people, two separate office spaces

This is the protocol we have set up and plan to follow:

+The Hive has been thoroughly cleaned using EPA/CDC approved cleaning supplies (Lysol & 70% alcohol solution).

+ Signs (see attachment) have been posted on the front door, in the foyer, at the welcome table, throughout the building and in the restrooms.

- If you have symptoms, do not enter

- You must wear a mask

- You must practice social distancing (6 feet, 360° around)

- Wash/sanitize your hands on the way in and out of the building

- Sign in the contact-tracing notebook

- No food sharing, preparation or storage. Take all food out with you.

- The Library has a room limit of 3 people.

+Restrooms are stocked with cleaning supplies. Clean any surface you have touched with the 70% alcohol solution.

+ A welcome station is at the entrance to the Hive. It has signage, a sign-in notebook for contact tracing (date, name, email, phone), pens (2 holders – one for clean pens, the other for used pens), hand sanitizer, masks, 70% alcohol solution spray and paper towels.

+ Each floor has a cleaning station with signage, hand sanitizer, masks, 70% alcohol solution spray

The Church Janitor will at the end of each workday:

o Clean and disinfect all touchable surfaces:

Door knobs and handles, face of doors, alarm pads, railings, white board, pens, welcome table, contact notebook, hand sanitizer container, table in the library, cleaning supplies stations on all three floors,

o Clean and disinfect all of the bathrooms (first, second and third floors)

o Empty trash in bathrooms and take it out to the dumpster

o Refill hand sanitizer containers that are low.

o Restock welcome table – masks, hand sanitizer, 70% alcohol cleaning solution, disinfect pens

o Check the refrigerator and throw away any food that has been left. Take trash to the dumpster.

o Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink and surrounding area.

o (this is a very small kitchen consisting of a sink, cabinets, refrigerator & microwave)

o Watch for evidence of mice. Clean up after them. Set traps. Empty traps.

Tasks that will be done by the church janitor on a weekly basis

o Wash the floor & stairway in the Hive using a disinfectant

o Straighten and clean the Hive entrance way

o Dust, straighten and sanitize the library shelves

o Dust or wash wall boards and molding in the Hive

o Dust/Sanitize window ledges in the Hive hallway and stairwell

The Manna Community Meal soup kitchen is serving bag lunches in the parking lot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 – 9:00 am. 75-125 people are served each day, coffee/tea bag lunch of pbj sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, pre-packaged snacks. Sandwiches are made early in the morning by volunteers following health department protocol. Volunteers who serve are masked and wash/use hand sanitizer before handling food. The clients are asked to sanitize their hands, offered masks and are asked to maintain 6 foot, 360° around. There are indoor rest rooms available to the guests, one at a time. Signs are posted asking all to wear masks and wash hands for at least 20 seconds The rest rooms are cleaned throughout the morning. Volunteer and guests are doing a good job following protocol and no one has gotten sick or tested Covid positive. Regular volunteers are tested often. Each day at the closing all touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitized, the floors are washed and sanitized, the bathrooms cleaned and sanitized.

Corner Shower and Laundry is offering 10 showers and 10 loads of laundry each day. Shower stalls, sinks and bathroom are cleaned with EPA/CDC approved cleaning supplies between each use. The staff and volunteers wear masks and practice social distancing. Each day at the closing all touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitized, the floors are washed and sanitized, the bathrooms cleaned and sanitized.

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