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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Something to celebrate! – temporary moratorium on water shut-offs because of the coronavirus – how can a person wash their hands to prevent getting or spreading disease if their water is shut off?

Gratitude for all the water warriors who raised the issue and pushed it in this moment. Mary Sheffield’s City Council resolution adopted unanimously by the City Council calls for affordability as well as an end to shut-offs. There’s lots to be done reach households that are shut-off. There is a danger in drinking water from pipes that have been shut off for months or even years.

Is your water service off and you live in Detroit? Do you know someone who has no water service in their home? Call 313-386-9727 for the Coronavirus Water Restart Plan.

During the scheduled turn-on appointment, please make sure someone over the age of 17 years old is home and there is a clear, safe path to the meter. For your safety, an inspection must be done before the water service is turned on. DWSD cannot turn on service without access to the water meter inside your home.

Mayor Mike Duggan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) Director Gary Brown announced the Coronavirus Water Restart Plan to restore water service and prevent new service interruptions at no initial cost to customers during Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Under a jointly-developed plan, the State of Michigan will cover customers’ costs to restore water service for Detroiters who:

Had their water service recently interrupted due to non-payment; or Received a door hanger notice that you are at risk of service interruption for non-payment.

After the restart, through the Plan, customers will be responsible for paying $25 per month to keep water service during the COVID-19 outbreak. Customers in the Plan, will not need to pay your full bill and any past due amount until after the COVID-19 situation passes. After the outbreak, customers will be responsible for the full bill. However, households will be enrolled in either WRAP or the 10/30/50 Plan to help you keep water service affordable. If your water is off or you received a door hanger notice for nonpayment, call Wayne Metro at 313-386-9727.

If you are currently paying your bill and need assistance, please visit this page for available resources.

Read the full announcement here.

Watch DWSD's recommendations for flushing plumbing after water has been off or a lead service line replacement.

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