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Peace and Justice Hive

The Peace & Justice Hive provides comfortable and attractive rental office space, as well as certain common services and meeting places, to community-based peace and justice organizations and non-profits. 


Manna Community Meal

Manna Community Meal is a soup kitchen in the city of Detroit that was started in 1976. It is located on the lower level of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (through the red door) but is directly linked and affiliated with Day House Catholic Worker. Manna Meal is co-sponsored by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. The soup kitchen is co-managed by Tom Lumpkin, Priest at Day House, and Marianne Arbogast. Its mission is to offer sanctuary from the harsh realities of the street and to foster human dignity.


Manna Community Meal is committed to serving the Corktown community in Detroit by providing a free meal five days a week. Since COVID-19, Manna Community Meal transitioned to serving bagged lunches outside at the hours below. 

Contacts: Marianne Arbogast: 313-580-7089 / Tom Lumpkin: 313-265-7271​

Hours:​ 8:00am- 9:00am -- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 

Donations may be sent to: Manna Community Meal, 1950 Trumbull St., Detroit, MI 48216


Image credit: Renee Roden

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Image credit: Renee Roden

Corner Shower and Laundry

Corner Shower Laundry is also located on the lower level of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Started by volunteers of the Manna Community Meal, its mission is to offer people access to clean and safe showers and laundry services, providing those in need with a fresh start. 


Manna Community Garden

Manna Community Garden is a community garden in which members of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Detroit and the neighborhood come together to build, plant, and pray.

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