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Environmental Stewardship

We believe every action we take to promote
a healthier environment is a prayer.


Earth-based Worship

We identify ourselves as an Episcopal/ecumenical/earth-based congregation. We hope that a deep reverence for our more-than-human kin is present in all that we do. Every year we celebrate the Season of Creation along with churches all around the world. We are committed to practicing Creation Care as well as recognizing the many ways that God cares for us through Creation. Our worship services and homilies regularly include reference to environmental stewardship, drawing on movements for climate justice and Indigenous ways of being with the land.

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Solar Panels

In 2018, we had solar panels installed on our roof with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) made by one of our congregants. These solar panels help the church save money on energy and also help us in lowering our consumption of other energy sources.

Fast Facts:

  • Size: 11Kw (small) 32 panels

  • Initial cost: $27,000 (included 25yr. Inverter warranty)

  • Savings to St. Peter’s over 25yrs:  $40,000 minimum

  • Church will own system after 15 years

  • No upfront cost to House of Worship

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more! 

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Parking Lot

In the fall of 2023, we had a new parking lot installed next to our church. As part of the construction, we prioritized putting in bioswales throughout the lot. The bioswales help collect stormwater runoff and filter out pollution, as well as adding aesthetic beauty to our Corktown neighborhood.

St. Peter's Parking Lot blessing.jpg

We dedicated the bioswales in our parking lot on Earth Day 2024.


Community Partnerships

We have connected with many local organizations and houses of worship in our efforts to grow our environmental sustainability. We are particularly grateful to Michigan Interfaith Power and Light (MiIPL) for including us in their Sacred Spaces house of worship cohorts and helping us achieve our energy goals. 

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